HERMITAGE SYKAMINEA                        


The Hermitage Sykaminea offers felting courses for holiday groups. In a one-week course, participants learn the basics of wet felting. Groups of 4-8 people can gain an insight into the craft of washing, picking, carding and felting, after which each participant can take home the felt object they have made.

The following prices apply to the course

Course fee per participant and for a 7-day course:

180€ plus material fee from 30€ depending on the project 

Customised courses

We are also happy to organise courses with a different time frame.

Many things are possible, please contact us!

Gathering point for crafts, 

architecture, design and arts

The Hermitage Sykaminea is situated in an olive grove on the slope of Mount Lepetymnos on the island of Lesvos, GREECE. It was founded in 2016 as place for retreat. Between 2020-22 IT has been restructured. It became a gathering point for crafts, architecture, design and arts. In addition to offering the space to groups over the summer months, the Hermitage initiates workshops and seminars in collaboration with partners. Over the winter months utilitarian objects from wood, wool and ceramics are manufactured.